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In my previous life I must have been a chandler. Making soaps is more than a hobby for me, it is hard and precise work that gives me satisfaction and inner peace. My grandmas used to make homemade soap, as was typical for all women in Bulgaria. Though the shops provided a variety of nicely packed soaps, old women used to make their own. They made two types of cold-processed soap - for the body and for laundry. And their skin was soft and radiant with very few wrinkles, and their laundry was always sparkling clean - the brightest white linen I have ever seen.

I used to help them as a child, so I know the process of making cold-processed soap from my childhood. I started making homemade soap again 7 years ago, when my second child was born. I wanted my family to use pure, natural soaps, as skin care is important for our health and well-being.


Ocean Drop Vegan Soap / A Blend Of Wild Cornish Seaweed, French Green Clay And Essential Oils
Ocean Drop is our latest addition soap bar inspired by the benefits of the Cornish seaweed and our home in Cornwall ...
from £ 6.00
Lovely Box Set of 4 Scented Soy Wax Candles, Vegan Jar Candles With Extra Oils, Thank You Gift Box Deluxe candle set with Wooden Heart
Made in Cornwall 4 handcrafted natural aromatherapy soy candles, blended with essential oils. In a cardboard box ...
from £ 14.95
Vegan Valentine's Gift Set / 6 Scents Candle Collection / Handmade in Tiny Jars / In Box Decorated With Heart / Scented With Essential Oils
Your text up to 60 characters will be handwritten in a beautiful gift card and added to this box set. Ideal gift ...
£ 18.90
Lovely Set Of 2 Scented Soy Candles Heart Shaped In A Gift Box .  Passion Scent And Crystals For Positivity And Love . Vegan Candles
Handmade in London. A real jewellery from soy wax, 2 candles in a shape of heart in white and red pottery. Weight ...
£ 18.90


Ethically made in Cornwall

Our candles and soaps are made from safe and clean ingredients, supplied from reputable sources. We use essential oils from small producers from my country. We know the people and which mountain forests our pine oil comes from. Our rose (rosa damascena) oil is from the valley of roses in Kazanlak. We moved to London 4 years ago and we have many regular clients there. And finally, the inspiration for the latest batch of soap is from Cornwall, where my family is settling to build a home, as well as a candle and soap workshop.

Our soaps are inspired by and bring together memories from different parts of the world, where my family has lived and travelled - Australian goats milk, Sicilian lemon oil, Bulgarian rose and lavender oils.


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