Facial Massage

   Massaging is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of strengthening and healing for sports as well as in medical and cosmetic procedures. If facial massages are started early, the skin remains younger and without wrinkles for longer. By activating circulation, the necessary amount of oxygen and valuable nutrients will be delivered to your cells.

  After a tiring long day, the metabolic waste products have been deposited to cells and muscles. By massaging, the blood circulation increases and waste products will quickly be removed by the blood. The skin becomes smoother and gets a fresh look. If you don’t have time to visit a cosmetician or masseur before an important event or party you can self-massage your face at home! This will relax you and get you in a good mood. Unfortunately, great success is not achieved with one-off procedures. Before the massage, the face needs to be cleansed thoroughly. You can use cleansing milk or rose water. You will be surprised how dirty the cotton pad will be. For the massage itself, use a nourishing cream or nourishing mask - it is important to nourish the skin. Find the right one for your type of skin. You can add a drop of rose oil for shine and freshness of the face. Or lavender oil - two drops of this oil can help you relax and  restore harmony, as well as will help for a healthy and calm sleep.

    After the massage, you can again clean the face with rose water or lavender water, unless it hasn’t absorbed everything. In that case you can dry it with a soft dry paper towel and remove the rest of the substances used for the massage.

Face Self-massage Guide

     We are going to introduce some techniques for face massages.

First of all, no application of force!

The more gentle your moves are, the stronger the impact.

First movement - the middle and ring finger glide from the middle of the forehead to the temples. This movement, as well as the following ones are repeated three times.

Second movement - from the nose to the cheekbone, moving toward the end of the eyebrows. Also, from the corner of the mouth to the temples. The muscles at the corners of the mouth requires special movement. Next comes the chin - by exception, the motions of the fingers should be a little more energetic, going from the chin to the lower jaw and toward the ears. Right there and below the chin, massage with tapping movements is recommended.

Forehead - for smoothening the wrinkles, massage movements should be from the nose toward the hair, with the middle and ring finger gliding from the nose upwards.

For wrinkles around the eyes - stretch out the skin in the outer corner of the eyes using both hands  with spread out fingers. After that, with the middle and ring finger massage the temples using circular motions. The circles should reach the eyebrows. You must be careful, as skin there is very sensitive.

Finally, the neck massage should be performed with the back of the hand for smoothing.

So if you always want to look good, get used to give your skin daily care by doing a facial massage. It will not take you more than 10 minutes before bedtime.

Rose & Lavender Team

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