Another product obtained from the oil-bearing roses is Rose water. It is produced by distilling the petals of oil-bearing roses, mostly from Damascene Rose and it is very popular with its aroma, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Growing roses to obtain rose water and rose oil has begun in ancient India and Egypt. In the 10th century, Arabian physician Avicenna first used rose water extracted from steam distillation.


The ancient Romans found it as an air freshener, and in the middle ages it became a popular anti-depression agent used while bathing.

The Persians have used it for culinary and especially in confectionery, inventing one of the most famous confectionery products – marzipan, which is made from almonds, sugar and the traditional aroma of rose water.

Rose water has many benefits to help improve the condition of skin. It has become an essential part of the world of beauty. It contains vitamins like A and C and has an anti-inflammatory effect for natural treatments at home. Rose water can help each skin type. It helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin, balance and clean oily skin, rejuvenate, soften, tone, revitalize and add a radiant shine to normal skin. It contains antioxidants and various vitamins that will help to prevent signs of aging and will nourish the skin. Rose water is a natural antiseptic and has antibacterial properties.

Use rose water to reduce puffy eyes:

Put a bottle full of rose water in the refrigerator for about half an hour, then put a few drops of it on cotton and gently place it on your eyes. This procedure will soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes, prevent or reduce puffiness, reduce stress and fatigue.

Keep your face fresh all day by spraying rose water on your skin.

Rose water can become your true friend and help you care for your skin, especially in the Summer. Just spray your face with rose water or apply with a cotton pad. This procedure will instantly refresh your skin, moisturize and nourish it, adding a splendid glow and radiance. Put the rose water in the refrigerator and spray it on your skin – you will feel a wonderful cooling and moisturizing effect.

Use rose water as a make-up remover:

Everything you must do is to apply rose water on a cotton pad and gently remove makeup with delicate massaging movements. Rose water also protects against dust, dirt, redness and eye irritation.

For an even better effect, moisten the cotton pad with rose water and add a small amount of coconut oil. This combination is effective in removing makeup from your face, but can also be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. This will give your skin a beautiful, healthy shine and incredible freshness. Never rub roughly or stretch the skin, after all we want to keep our skin young and beautiful for a long time, right?!

Use rose water to prevent skin irritation:

After epilating the skin can become quite irritable. This is why it is recommended to use rose water to soothe it. The rose water will not only help your skin become softer and smoother, but will leave its wonderful scent.


Use rose water as an ingredient for aromatherapy. Research has shown that aromatherapy can have a wonderful effect in fighting stress and contribute to healthier sleep. Add rose water when taking a bath and you will get incredible freshness and scent, and will reduce stress accumulated during the day.

In cases of sunburn:

After prolonged and unprotected sun exposure, spray your skin with rose water.



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