Secrets To Eternal Youth

How to keep your skin not only young but radiant and gorgeous?

 We all support ageing gracefully, but we can’t say we’re in a hurry to get there anytime soon. Also, nobody wants to look 60 when celebrating their 40th birthday. Instead of a magical elixir for eternal youth, we can offer to you something more realistic: nothing more than a few simple changes to your skin-care routine. There are some essential skin care rules that everyone should know.

Read on to learn some tricks for staying (basically) forever young.

  1.    Drinking lots of water and fluids to wash out toxins.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It’s a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. The skin, like all of our organs, is mainly made up of water. When its cells are dehydrated, its basic functions start to slow down, and it looks lackluster. Plus, dehydrated skin is more prone to drying out and becoming less resilient and elastic, which means it's more likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines than hydrated skin. So drink up!

  1. Cleanse your skin every day.

Morning and night — and always be sure to clean all makeup before you go to bed! Most people think that we can cleanse with any soap, and that we can skip it on days when our skin looks clear. In fact, cleansing should be a daily part of your beauty routine! Cleansing removes makeup, dirt and buildup from the pores, while providing antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to detox and reduce congestion in the skin, helping to keep it clear. Your cleansing routine will determine the long-term moisture level of the skin, because a cleanser can either retract from or support your natural hydration balance. In other words: it’s a huge factor in determining when and where your skin will start to form wrinkles and fine lines.

  1.  Avoid cleansers with detergents and alcohols.

These ingredients strip the skin of its natural hydration, open up the moisture barrier (a protective layer of hydration in the outermost layer of our skin) and confuse its natural sebum (facial oil) production. Essentially, they're drying and disruptive to your skin's natural balance. I suggest investing in a alcohol-free cleanser that exfoliates the skin with physical, natural chemical or enzymatic exfoliation, to clear away dead skin cells and deeply clean while maintaining hydration in the skin. How you’ll know it’s working: it won’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry, but rather soft, refreshed and dewy.

  1.  Exfoliatе

Exfoliating regularly can have a huge impact in the texture and brightness of your skin, because it clears away the dead skin, pollution, and environmental toxins that accumulate on the surface of our skin every day. Exfoliating not only cleans deeply , but accelerates cellular renewal, kick-starts collagen production, and preps the skin to better absorb products.

  1. Look for moisturizers that hydrate the deepest layer of the skin.

Does your skin ever look moisturized, but feel dry? That's because there isn't moisture in the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis, where our skin naturally produces a moisturizing substance called hyaluronic acid. While this has a scary-sounding name, it’s actually vital to youthful-looking skin. It’s responsible for your skin’s plump, bouncy look, because it traps moisture and creates a gel-like consistency so that our collagen fibers can stay flexible. If that environment becomes dry, those collagen fibers can get brittle and break, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of shape and volume. Because our skin's natural HA production starts to slow down with age, it's important to supplement it with high-quality moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, natural rosa damascena oil (rose oil), collagen, etc.

  1. Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, even when it's cloudy.

The sun emits UVA and UVB rays, both of which are damaging to our skin, but in different ways. UVB rays cause superficial damage in the uppermost layers of the skin. Depending on the intensity of the sunshine, UVB rays either cause us to burn or get a tan. UVA rays are the ones that cause photoaging, which is damage to the deeper layers of our skin. These rays aren’t blocked by clouds, glass, or fog, which means there isn't a day when we aren't prone to UVA damage. Essentially, look for sunscreens and use them on a daily basis.

  1. Know that our skin starts to age when we hit 18.

Start taking care of your body and face on time. A few sessions with a body scrub monthly improve metabolism and prevent cellulite.                                                                                           

  1. Use cosmetics and products with natural ingredients.

Use products with natural content, organic oils and herbal extracts, without chemical, synthetic or petroleum products. So be sure to deeply hydrate, exfoliate and nourish, and wear your SPF! Start taking care of your skin when you hit 18. Use natural cosmetics. If you try to follow those simple rules with persistence, you can stay looking younger naturally without plastic surgery.

Those are our tricks for staying (basically) forever young.

With wishes for long life, good health and eternal youth,

The forever-young

Rose & Lavender Team

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