Natural Essential Rose oil 0.5 ml
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Natural Essential Rose oil. Аn entirely natural product.

The oil combines powerful healing effects with an incredible fragrance. Rose essential oil carries a myriad of chemical compounds that bring wellness and healing to the body. Just some of the properties include: Citronellol ; Geraniol; Citronellyl Acetate; Nerol; Eugenol; Farnesol; Methyleugenol.

Powerful Anti Aging Effect.

Helps diminish scars, wrinkles, and dryness.

Helps to inhibit the breakdown of collagen while promoting blood circulation.

Excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acneic skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation.

Anti Acne Treatment. Highly anti-bacterial, rose essential oil is a top choice for acne treatment, as its antioxidant, antiseptic and astringent properties make it an all-round healer for acne-prone skin. It is also effective against acne breakouts caused by hormonal imbalances.

Many people also consider rose oil to be a powerful aphrodisiac due to its sensual aroma.

The fragrance of Rose oil increases confidence and effectively fights depression. When in tension, its scent can help alleviate anxiety. Rose oil is widely used in aromatherapy for relaxation and creating the sense of joy and happiness.


Ingredients/INCI/: Rose Damascena Oil

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How to use

Adding a few drops of this oil into your daily beauty regimen is an easy and effective way to achieve healthy and radiant skin.

Self-Massage face with a few drops of rose oil.

Put a few drops in your facial mask.

Place a few drops rose oil on your herbal pillow.

Pour water in an aromatic lamp, bring 3 or 4 drops from the oil and heat with a candle. The premise will be filled of a refreshing scent of Rose Damascena.