PURIFYING BLACK PEEL OFF FACIAL MASK with rose extract, grape seeds extract and activated charcoal 150 ml


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Enriched with rose extract, grape seed extract, and activated charcoal. Deeply cleans the pores, removes dirt and reduces blackheads by leaving the skin fresh and radiant with an irresistible rose aroma. Because of its high absorbency, the activated charcoal gently eliminates the dead cells and toxins, controls the unnecessary oiling and shrinks the pores. The rose extract has an additional toning and soothing effect. The regular use reduces pimples and blackheads appearance, the skin becomes smooth, clean and matte. Application: Apply a thin layer of the mask on well-cleaned and dry face, avoid eyebrows, hairline, eye area, and lips. Leave for 20 to 25 minutes until fully dry and peel off the mask gently starting the bottom. Wash your face.
Natural Rose Water
Extract from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose. It has the magic power of clean natural ingredients and is anti-inflammatory and softening.
Grape Seed Exract
Grape seeds are valuable because of their antioxidant properties, which are able to protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. They slow aging and fight against the appearance of wrinkles. They are rich in vitamin C and Beta-carotene. They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the development of microbes.