Refreshing Herbal Pillow


Refreshing Herbal Pillow
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Refreshing Herbal Pillow. Handmade item. 100% natural product. Filled with pure natural herbs. Refreshing Aromatherapy Sleep Aid.
Linen Pillow with dried rose blossoms, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves and lavender blossoms. It's aromatherapeutic effect helps overcome depression; stimulates concentration and mental abilities. Stabilizes emotions; refreshes focus and memory.
Other effects: repels moths and other insects
Size 25x25 cm


Ingredients /INCI/:Melissa officinais leaves, Mentha piperita leaves, Lavandula vera blossom, Rosa Damascena blossom.

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How to use

This sleep pillow is filled with a blend of natural herbs that help induce relaxation and improve sleep. Keep one of these herb dream pillows near your bed and breathe in the pure stress relieving scent of organic herbal aromatherapy. This will help you drift off into peaceful slumber. You can put the herbal pillow under or beside your pillow. The scent doesn't have to be strong. Crush the pillow with your hands to enhance the aroma and periodically change its place.You can put it in your wardrobe. Lavender acts as an insect repellent. The pillow’s scent can be enhanced even more by putting a few drops of essential oil on its edges.

Caution!!! Not recommended for kids and people susceptible to respiratory and allergic reactions!