Handmade Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow


Relaxing pillow with Lavender
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Relaxing eye pillow with Lavender. 100% natural product. Handmade item.
Pillow from cotton filled with millet and soaked with lavender oil.
The approximate size is 10 cm by 22 cm ,weight 200 gr. Pillow is in a separate cotton bag.
Can be refilled with additional lavender/rose oil a few months of use.
Ideal to use at any time to soothe the eyes and calm the mind. Lavender is a natural antidepressant and is also used as a relief from insomnia, headaches and stress.The natural lavender aroma is also suitable for problems with the upper respiratory tract.
Great after yoga session or during massage.
Helps you relax, release tension and daily stress. It will make fine lines on your face smoother and help overcome depression.
Can be cooled in the freezer (in zip locked plastic bag) and used as cooling compress for headache or migraine treatment.
For soothing warmth simply place in a microwave safe dish and warm in 10 second increments.


Ingredients /INCI/:Panicum miliaceum seed, Flax seed, Lavender oil, Geraniol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate

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How to Use

Put the cushion directly over your closed eyes. The cooling properties of cotton and the lavender aroma, combined with the light pressure of the pillow above and around the eyes create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation, meditation and tranquility. To achieve a better effect lie down or sit in a comfortable armchair.
This eye pillow can be used as herbal compress pad for hot or cold therapy.
Cold eye compress, after being placed in the freezer.
Hot eye compress, after being heated in the microwave.
You can alternate between cold and hot compresses.